Virtual PBX System for Advanced Business Logics

Virtual PBX also known as Hosted PBX services are considered a necessity for businesses be it a home-office, small office, or virtual office. Keeping in mind today’s challenging times businesses cannot afford to lose their clients because of inappropriate calling service therefore it is requisite for businesses to provide best customer service possible. One of the best ways companies can do the same that too without increasing the expenses or hassle of buying and maintaining a phone system is by applying to virtual PBX systems. Virtual PBX is a fully automated, professional, advanced phone system that offers advanced features like uptime, real call routing, simple administration, and professional support.

Virtual PBX is an extended version of traditional PBX, the need for which was felt because of the changing modern business world moves. As traditional PBX fulfilled business needs like call forwarding, conferencing, and Direct Inward Dialing (DID), virtual PBX services made use of internet to fulfil the growing needs of businesses. Since most of the services are internet based and biggest benefit that hosted PBX offers is cost saving, as the users will just have to pay for an Internet connection and not for the telephone service. In addition, IP based system offers flexibility to PBX customers that they generally expect from an Internet application and it also allows them to apply to advanced business logic into their systems without exceeding the expenses of the companies.

For instance, calls can be sent to the correct office depending on their working hours. In addition, businesses can also use advanced ACD queues to ensure that their customers have the lowest wait times and get help from the most appropriate person. Companies can also make use of CRM software by integrating it in their systems. This feature allows the company to handle customer more efficiently as it allows them to take a look at the previous transactions, thus saving time and effort of explaining his or her situation all over again to another person.

A huge number of businesses are moving to these advanced services to enjoy advanced features and cheaper service. If you too are looking for world-class virtual PBX services, then look no further than Convergia. Convergia makes use of state-of-the-art switching equipments to offer you a full portfolio of hosted IP PBX services. Not only do they fulfil all your requirements keeping in mind today’s requirements but the next generation of functionality.

Convergia is a world-class provider of voice, data, and internet services for residential, business and wholesale customers. For more information on Convergia Virtual PBX System visit

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